Story behind the film

Mrs. Murphy's Confession started when Catherine was a student in Ashley Serrao's The Art of Screenwriting class, and took home a spring-loaded image. . .about an item in a church pew.

Ashley Serrao, Catherine Haun, Rebekah Wiggins              Daniel Williams photo

Ashley Serrao, Catherine Haun, Rebekah Wiggins              Daniel Williams photo

Not a told by Catherine

I never thought of myself as any kind of writer, but, a couple of years ago I felt a combination of inspiration and frustration while catching up on what TV had to offer.  The biggest source of inspiration came from the English TV writer Sally Wainwright. Among other things, she'd created this standard English crime drama (Happy Valley) with all of the great story and suspense, but with delicious humor and richly complex (even middle aged) female characters. As a viewer I felt like this jumped right off the screen at me. Couldn't get enough. In contrast, another show that I really loved had lots of diverse and fascinating sub-plots, but...alas, the story focused on one very well explored white male.

Be the change?

Out of curiosity, and to prove to myself that I could not write a screenplay, I took Ashley's six week screenplay class.  I figured 6 weeks would be enough to understand how much I sucked as a writer. Unfortunately I haven't been able to stop writing since.  It was sort of like something exploded. Don't take that'll regret it.

Not a producer either

For some reason, once I completed about 30 re-writes of Mrs. Murphy's Confession and decided it was ready for production, there was no line of producers waiting outside my door with checkbooks.  But my friend, mentor and acting coach Rebekah Wiggins had some producing experience here in New Mexico and said 'We can do this!' So I borrowed some courage from her and we did.